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KuneKune Pigs - Sows


VKK Tapeka/Tuahuru

AKKPS 11961

COI 5.8

I am so excited to have Kayte, a really round

conformationally correct sow! Thank you Virginia


She produces piglets that are fast growers.


PCF Sally/Tonganui

AKKPS 9228

COI 5.1

I absolutely love this retained gilt from sow  FloJo, she is stunning and a sweetheart to boot!

She has produced large, healthy litters for me.

I have kept this Sally sow line for years.


Wilsons Gina/Whakanui

AKKPS 13053

COI 3.6

Gabby has quite the heritage in our family. Her great grandmother was Black Betty from Mossy Glade Farm.

Her grandmother was Bambalam & her mother was KoKo, all black pigs. Gabby was a light ginger, now....................

turning brown, she's full of surprises!

Queen Bee

PCF Trish/BH Tutaki

AKKPS 6030

COI 5.0

Queen Bee has the most gentle nature of

all our gilts, great conformation with

feet and pasterns. She had 10 cream

piglets her first litter!


Jenny/Mahia Love

AKKPS 10413

COI 6.9

Emmie came from AFV farm and a great granddaughter to Calamity. I am so happy to have her and to add another beautiful Jenny to my herd!

She has produced two large litters, a wonderful Mom she lives up to the Jenny standard.


RRK Momona/Andrew

AKKPS 10445

COI 3.1

This beautiful sow is from Red Roof Kunekunes. Caroline is one our most experienced breeders and produces sound pigs with great conformation.


PCF Momona/Andrew

AKKPS 18018

COI 5.4

Skye is a gilt I retained from my gorgeous sow, Lass. Her sire is the very stout and blocky Andrew boar, Banjo.

Skye just farrowed for the first time.