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High On The Hog Farm KuneKune Pigs

October 13, 2021 ยท

Did you know that KuneKune (pronounced cooney cooney) pork is a rare delight Internationally?

Between all registries worldwide the number of documented animals is over an estimated 50,000 now as opposed to 50!!

It takes on average 12-24 months for a KuneKune to reach an age for the table.

Most owners of KuneKune raise them as pets and very few raise them strictly for pork and especially not for public consumption.

They are a very niche market.

Few raise them for restaurants and chefs, some for charcuterie level consumption.

KuneKune pork is a connoisseurs dream, and few have the gumption to grow them for nearly two years for a bring home of just over 100#'s for themselves, much less offer it to their community!!

But have you tried this pork?!!

Consider yourself lucky if you have had the pleasure to try it, if you love pork like we do, it is AMAZING!!

We feel honored to raise these animals, we thank those who worked so hard to import them from New Zealand to the United States and save them from certain extinction, so that we may enjoy them and share with our friends and community. In the 80's there were only 50 remaining KuneKune.

We feel honored to be their stewards and carry the torch for their care and continued success.

Without these programs for preservation, they would most certainly go away.

Growing KuneKune for pork preserves the breed to its highest level of intended purpose and from certain extinction.